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Make OKR (Objectives and Key Results) in Switzerland (DE/EN) great again.

OKR practice-oriented with redminds in Zürich - We provide:

OKR On Demand (OKR Coaching & Consulting, Project or by Day)

OKR Trainings (Certification)

OKR Assessments

We are in the entire DACH region and at all places that can be reached within 4 hours travel time (bus, train, car, flight) from Zurich.

Objectives & Key Results

Objectives & Key Results (OKR) are more than just agile practices, a method or a framework. Applied in a meaningful way, OKR can serve, for example, as a mission statement translator, as a lever for transformations and as a methodological tool in the cultural change in and of organisations and give employees more fulfilment and meaning at work. (Boris K.A. Reinhard)

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60 minutes for you. Free of charge.

Ask about open appointments (if available).

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All Courses in German and English language.

Of course, we also provide the trainings on site.

As your Swiss OKR Practitioners & Experts, we’re proud to teach and lecture popular OKR courses across two relevant levels. Over the years, we have helped organisations of all types. Scroll below to review all our available courses.

Online Course

OKR Video Intro

Webinar, online, the most important things about OKR in 120 minutes.




> OKR - What is it?

> The OKR Cycle

> Tips & Tricks

regular: 200 CHF / person

early bird: 180 CHF / person

(plus VAT)

Next trainings:

on demand

Inspired Businessman

OKR Practitioner

Online or on site, compact one-day format, incl. exercise and OKR Canvas Template


Certificate of Attendance



> OKR - What is it?

> The OKR Cycle

> OKR Expert & Coach Role

> Formulating good OKRs

> Practical exercise on a fictitious case

Tips & Tricks


regular: 1'150 CHF / person

early bird: 1'050 CHF / person
(plus VAT)

Next trainings:

on demand

Female Lecturer

OKR Expert (certified)

Online or on site, two-day, with intensive practice, OKR Canvas templates and other material and including a test


Certificate of Completion
(if passed, otherwise certificate of attendance).



> Agile Leadership

> Digital Transformation, Agility & OKR

> OKR - What is it?

> The OKR Cycle

> OKR Expert & Coach Role

> OKR Expert Canvas 

> OKR & Agile Teams

> Formulating good OKRs

> Intensive practical exercise on a fictitious case

Tips & Tricks


regular: 2'400 CHF / person 

early bird: 2'000 CHF / person
plus VAT)

Please ask for our in-house pricing

Next trainings:

on demand

Other courses, coachings & consulting

Project coachings, Advanced OKR Expert trainings with coaching calls & In-House trainings available. Please get in touch.



Agile Organizations

Companies such as Google, Digitec Galaxus, LinkedIn, Daimler, Zalando, Oracle, ebay & Co. are showing the way. They use an agile framework – OKR (Objectives & Key Results). We help our clients to introduce OKR successfully.

Objectives And Key Results (OKR)

In an interview, Dick Costolo, former Googler and former CEO of twitter, was asked “What did you learn from Google that you applied to Twitter?” and shared:

“The thing that I saw at Google that I definitely have applied at Twitter are OKRs – Objectives and Key Results. Those are a great way to help everyone in the company understand what’s important and how you’re going to measure what’s important. It’s essentially a great way to communicate strategy and how you’re going to measure strategy. And that’s how we try to use them. As you grow a company, the single hardest thing to scale is communication. It’s remarkably difficult. OKRs are a great way to make sure everyone understands how you’re going to measure success and strategy.” (1)

The OKR Expert

The OKR Expert is the most important position in the OKR process. She*he is same time an expert, coach, facilitator, process monitor and change agent. Hence, she*he catalyzes OKR and ensures a successful performance. Each implementation therefore has at least one OKR expert.

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In today’s dynamic world, we must constantly be in pursuit of new knowledge and skills in order to ensure our success. We provide a top Online Training that provides just that. Our highly skilled instructors employ their extensive professional expertise to teach winning strategies that put you on the fast track to proficiency.

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